The most gentle and sensitive woman among you–so sensitive and gentle that she would not venture to touch the ground with the sole of her foot–will begrudge the husband she loves and her own son or daughter…

Deuteronomy 28:56

I thought faith would say, “I’ll take away the pain and discomfort,” but what it ended up saying was, “I’ll sit with you in it.”

Brene Brown

Be messy and complicated and afraid and show up anyways.

Glennon Doyle Melton

For where two or three come together in My Name, there am I with them.

Matthew 18:20

A space of understanding and encouragement

For the last 15 years, we have seen hard times come and go. As difficult times have currently befallen our hometown, state, country, and world, we have been praying for God to help us see how we could help others. We pray this, because when times in society become challenging, new needs develop in step with those circumstances. With the uncertainty of this pandemic, we know many parents are having to school at home as institutions and schools continue to navigate how to gather together.

We know that with any transition in life there are often times when things seem overwhelming, confusing and exhausting. Souls can struggle to find a healthy rhythm among the change, and emotions can run high because of stress that develops with uncertainty. Lives are fundamentally shifting and even the best of us will have moments where we begrudge the adjustments being asked of us.

Throughout FBF’s journey, we have been blessed to meet several teachers, home-schoolers and those who have navigated times of trying transitions. It is our hope to create a space for voices that offer encouragement, information and support to parents, caretakers and those guiding their loved ones through these difficult times. We are looking forward to sharing inspiration that will hopefully lift you up and bring you some hope! As this portion of our website develops, you will see links to resources, short inspiring videos, podcasts, and additional forms of encouragement to help shore up souls as our days continue to bring new challenges. You are not alone…

Please check back in the days ahead…we’ll see you soon!

If you stay in this land, I will build you up and not tear you down; I will plant you and not uproot you, for I am grieved over the disaster I have inflicted on you. Do not be afraid…

Jeremiah 42:10-11