When digging into the meanings of words, it is helpful to know where to start. Here are some links and tips that we hope are a blessing in your journey to study God’s Word.


American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster, 1828, reprinted in 2009, by the Foundation for American Christian Education
This dictionary is incredible in structure and depth. It is massive in size, with an excellent introduction and plenty of insight. Noah Webster was a great man of faith and one of our Founding Fathers. He devoted substantial time to researching and cataloging the development of our American English language. He was deeply convicted that we needed our own dictionary, and included Biblical Scripture references as well as other pertinent thoughts. It is an exceptional aid in unfolding God’s words and helping greater exploration of His words and ways.

You can find it at Amazon, Ebay, and a variety of online suppliers in both new and used conditions. It is a worthwhile investment. For those interested, here are some easy links and we receive no benefit from sharing them.

Online sources

American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster, 1828
A limited version of the original is available online to explore.

Dictionary of Merriam-Webster
This website offers a trusted Dictionary and Thesaurus, along with other links to additional types of dictionaries.

This Dictionary website will provide you with definitions, synonyms, antonyms and word history.

Cambridge Dictionary
This website contains another dictionary/thesaurus.

This website is devoted to antonyms. Just type a word, and antonyms will pop right up.

Smart phone apps

In your phone’s app store are dictionary apps that you can install. These can be particularly helpful if you are away from your main study area and would like to dig deeper into Scripture. These handy little apps allow immediate access to a dictionary, complete with synonyms and antonyms, all with the touch of a button.

They have a great app available to smart phones! Just type their name into your app store, and a free version should pop right up.

Olive Tree Bible App
They have a huge variety of apps, including Bibles, that can be downloaded onto your phone. Just type in Olive Tree into your app store, and then scroll through to see if anything interests you.